4 Most Important Tips On Playing Hard to Get

It has been a subtle rule for almost all of lifetime now that women who play hard to get seem to e treated better than those who open up and get attached so easily. Well, it still works.

Even though sometimes, some guys would try to make you feel that you chase them away when you play hard to get, know this; that one that really wants you will not relent or give up easily. Hence, let’s just say the others who left were not courageous enough to pay the price of persistence.

hard to get

Here are extremely important tips and ways to play hard to get – tips that work everytime and keep that man always wanting to up his game.

TIP 1: 


We’ve made male romantic laziness a norm, and it needs to stop.

Instead of going after the guy, let him come to you.

Make him work for your attention because you deserve someone who’s willing to put in some effort. And if that effort doesn’t start in the beginning, then (newsflash!) it never will.

Women who play hard to get never act too interested. They never spend too much time chatting with a guy right after meeting him, and definitely no kissing on the first date.

If you worried that making him work might chase him off, then let him go. He wasn’t worth your time anyway.

TIP 2:


This goes for the safety of your heart and your physical wellbeing.

Don’t take everything he says as truth. Unfortunately, people lie all the time, and you don’t always know what you’re getting yourself into.

Ask questions, do some digging, and figure out if the person you’re into is really who they say they are.

Until you’re comfortable enough to get that close with someone, keep him at a distance. Don’t tell them where you live or give out your cell number.

However you do it, keep control of guys’ access to you, and make sure he’s on the up-and-up.

To be continued.



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