Bafana Bafana strategies stolen by Israelis Mossad  

PRETORIA – The tension between the South African government and the Israeli government reached fever high as Mossad was suspected of spying on the South African football team.


In an internal Memo, the South African security apparatus was concerned that the Israel was worried that the South African’s were going to win the 2010 football world cup and upset global security. The document which leaked, confirms the theft of Bafana Bafana playing technics.

The Israelis refused to return all the files stolen unless the South Africans gave them information on a suspected al-Aquaida operative in South Africa.

The reason for the early exit of the South African National team from the FIFA world cup 2010 caused so much talk and debate, because it was the first time that a host nation is eliminated in the first round.  Now that the truth is known Bafana can be forgiven for the embarrassment caused to the African continent.

South African Secret Service has publicized that they have developed counter-espionage strategies to ensure that Bafana wins the world cup, this was evident in the African cup of nations 2015 in Equatorial Guinea.

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