Woman sends over $1.4 million to Lover

This surely best describes the saying “love is blind”. Sarah an American woman has never met Chris Olsen a South African, They met over 2 years ago an online dating site. So she turned to Dr Phil for help.


Here is a description of Chris:

  1. An Italian widowed business man.
  2. From Milan
  3. He was stuck in Benin because of “trouble with the government.”

So she paid for the following; stolen bank cards, hotel bills, phone charges, lawyers, an expired visa, a nanny and when Chris claimed the money she posted had been stolen.

After the above experience, Sarah says that “He’s just spectacular. Chris and I have discussed getting married – I believe Chris does consider me his wife.”

Sarah also noticed that Chris’ accent had changed a number of times.

“He sounded Italian, now his accent’s kind of changed I don’t know if he’s adapted to where he’s at… in Benin,” she said. “He assured me that when he gets home he’s going to pay me back – every dime.”

“He’s made five or six attempts to come back to the US to meet me. Every time they arrest him and put him in jail and then they want more money.

“It’s been like a rollercoaster for me. I’m going to have to continue sending money until he’s free.”

Sarah has questioned whether their relationship was a scam, but told Dr Phil that she was “95 percent certain that Chris is telling me the truth – that this is legit”.

“I still believe in love,” she said.

Sarah turned to Dr Phil for help, expecting him to unite them.

if love is blind, is it also stupid?

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