Congo – Brazzaville ban’s the veil

The Congolese authorities have banned Muslims from wearing. This measure was taken in order to fight against terrorism. Thus, the burqa and other forms of Islamic veil are no longer allowed.

“Congo is a secular country where all religions are present. However, the authorities found that there was some people who wear the veil to commit mafia acts. The government has conducted investigations and arrested some people. He told us that he does not want to see the Muslim wear the face veil to the shoulders, as in other countries, it is women who perpetuate terrorism. Only the headscarf is allowed, “said El Hadj Abdoulaye Djibril Bopaka.

For the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Congo also states that Muslims from other countries are prohibited from spending nights in mosques.
In this sense, the police will continue the “Mbata Bakolo Ya” campaign which aims to fight against crime and illegal immigration in the Congo.

“If you do not have papers allowing you to live in Congo, you will be taken back to your country of origin, with a fine. We have asked the Interior Minister to give us two weeks to sensitize all Muslims, “said El Hadj Abdoulaye Djibril Bopaka to Muslim worshipers.

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