More Factors That Slowly Kill A Romantic Relationship

We all want to believe that the relationship we are in is the healthiest and in the best shape possible. We might even be right about that assertion at this very moment. What we don’t realize is that there are a number of things we can do that will take that healthy relationship and turn it upside down. Sometimes there is a lurch towards suddenly being in trouble. Other times, its a slow crawl from “in love” to “in annoyance”, to “in hate”.But before a relationship would hit an all time low, there are things that can kill a relationship. These are highlights that could lead it there.


If you want to make sure your relationship stays healthy, avoid these things:

  • Lack of Communication Not in the area of phone calling or text messages though also important but specifically in the awareness of things to do or how to do them. Both parties must be kept abreast of what’s coming. Make your moves, schedules, work or some family related details clear to your partner. Always keeping them in the dark brings about uncertainties that could cause regular misunderstanding in a relationship.
  • Failing to Create the Ideal Work-life BalanceWe all need to work, and the willingness to provide for your family is extremely admirable. While you would expect your partner to be understanding of your need to work irregular hours or occasional weekends, however, they may become frustrated if your schedule begins to impact negatively on the relationship. You must therefore strive to create a viable work-life balance, which enables you to spend more time at home and pay attention to the people that you love the most.
  • Making Each Other Your Entire LifeYou can’t get enough of each other, I get it. But you need to have a life outside of your relationship or you’ll end up way too dependent on each other. You’ll wake up one day with no friends, no hobbies, and no boyfriend once he realizes he needs more than just a relationship to be happy.
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