Habits You Need to Imbibe to Boost Your Career and Finance [4]

Advancing your career doesn’t just mean getting a promotion or switching to another company. Every day, there are simple, little things you can do to improve your productivity, your job satisfaction and your overall standing with your colleagues. Most workers have something more they’d like to achieve in their professional lives.


Success can be achieved by just anyone, depending on their ability to go at it the right way…using the right tools. In going about anything, there are rules/principles that must be followed in order to realize it—the same is applicable to success; unless you go about it the right way, do the right thing(s), you may continually end up in disappointment. The great men/women we have around us today didn’t just become successful doing things the conventional way, of course, not, they had to go out of their ways and do the needful, make sacrifices, and follow a certain trend. So what are these things/values one must imbibe to record success in his/her endeavours?

Here are a few habits you can start forming today to help your career, business, and finances:

10. Stick to a schedule.

Setting a specific schedule and blocking out time to deal with specific tasks such as answering emails — and really adhering to that schedule — can help you manage your day better.

11. Manage yourself, not your time. 

Time management can be elusive since poor work habits can foil your best efforts to rein in the clock. Instead, work on managing your own expectations about how much you can reasonably accomplish in one day. You can also resolve to get better about how you manage your boundaries for accepting new projects. And resolve to multitask less so that you can complete one project before starting another one.

12. Be disciplined and principled.

You must create for yourself certain rules that you must live by—it is one of the hallmarks of successful people. Never compromise your values for anything, stick to them no matter what/where you find yourself. Know how much you make, and never spend above your earnings. As a business person, you must learn to treat your business as a different entity from yourself—let all monies meant for it be for it, never remove a dime from it for yourself…that’s how you grow a business. Business and sentiments are enemies, always treat it that way.


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