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In case, you wish, any hobby can become a profession if you constantly practice, learn new things, improve your skills, and create a product that is interesting to other people. Of course, it is really hard to pay enough attention to your hobby, if you have to study at college and write a dissertation or an academic essay. That is why the best option is to hire a professional essay writing service such as AdvancedWriters.com to get a cheap quality coursework paper, term assignment or a PhD.

Professional Essay Writers as One of The Future Profession


Artists in our time are one of the most sought-after creative specialties. Firstly, with the development of the Internet, advertising, social networks, more and more visual content is required. Secondly, the requirements for the environment are increasing: it is important for people that it is not only functional but also beautiful and harmonious. Thirdly, the entertainment industry is actively developing, in which you can not do without artists: cinema, animation, computer games.

Variants of professions:● Graphic designer;● Web designer;● Production designer.


Writing skills are in demand in many areas today: advertising and PR, journalism, film and television industry, game design, and professional essay services. The option of individual cooperation with the client is also possible. Top writers usually prefer working in the online essay writer service such as AdvancedWriters.com. Many people are willing to share their knowledge and skills, but do not know how to write books and need the help of a professional author. A professional writer from an amateur is distinguished by the ability to create not only by inspiration but also by schedule, to create texts to order, to comply with the set requirements for the content and form of the work.

Variants of professions:● Journalist;● Copywriter (author of selling texts on the Internet);● PR manager;● Academic writer in AdvancedWriters.com


Passion for photography begins with the desire to constantly photograph everything around with any available equipment, for example, a telephone or the simplest digital camera. Gradually, a real fan of photography begins to delve into the technical nuances of creating a good photograph, how to choose the right light, and build a composition. Professional photographers specialize in filming memorable events (weddings, birthdays), conduct photo shoots in an urban environment, in nature or in specially selected interiors. There are specialist photographers working with young children and pets, and one of the most romantic forms of a professional in this field is a travel photographer, author of wildlife, and animal photographs. In addition, reporting photographers are in demand on the Internet and the media.

How to become a professional:1. Practice constantly;2. Read books on photography theory;3. Take photography courses in person or online;4. Attend photo exhibitions and workshops.5. Become a member of the club of amateur photographers in your area or city (you can even get a scholarship);6. Arrange exhibitions of your work for friends, classmates, relatives;7. Share photos on the Internet.


A programmer is one of the most sought-after professions of our time, and it will remain so at least for the next 20-30 years. Programmers are needed in various fields, from accounting to medicine. Without them, the development of industrial production of biotechnologies, robotics, space exploration is unthinkable.

Variants of professions:● Web developer (specialist in creating sites): front-end developer (creator of interactive elements on a web page), backend developer (server-side programmer, responsible for the internal content of the web page);● Fullstack developer (creator of a web application);● Computer game developer;● System programmer (writes programs for operating systems and mobile platforms);● Software engineer (creates software with which the device user interacts).

A hobby can be regarded as entertainment or it can be regarded as a favorite occupation and vocation which can become your main profession and source of income. To do this, you need to regularly improve your skills, increase your skill level, and consciously plan your life trajectory.

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