How To Wear A Maxi Skirt [3]

A maxi skirt is a skirt that drapes to ankle length. Maxi skirts can be flowy or curve-hugging. A timeless classic that never dates, these skirts have a place in every woman’s wardrobe, even if just for evening. And no matter your height, you can wear this skirt well. Choosing the right fabric, matching it with a pretty top and picking complementary shoes are all key to looking great in a maxi skirt.


Maxi skirts are incredibly versatile, easy to style with anything, and incredibly comfy. There are so many outfits you can create with one. To get you started, here are some more style tips on how to wear a maxi skirt.

7. Wear the right shoes. If you’re petite, wear heels to give you the added height to cope with the skirt length and to elongate your silhouette. If you’re taller, flats or heels will work with a maxi skirt, although heels are usually preferred for evening wear. Most heels will work well with maxi skirts but always check in the mirror before deciding.

Beaded sandals are appropriate for a flowing, Bohemian maxi skirt look. Espadrilles also look very casual and beach-like.

Wedge shoes look great with maxi skirts and give you added height to carry off the longer skirt.

Rugged styles can look great with many maxi skirts.

Avoid flats that are completely closed in, or loafers. These look frumpy with long skirts. Pointy toes and knee-high boots don’t work either. And clogs and sneakers tend to look too chunky or dowdy.

8. A maxi’s length can vary greatly, from a couple inches above the ankle all the way down to the floor. For the most flattering, go with a cut that is either above or below your ankles. A skirt that is exactly ankle height can cut off your legs and make you look like a tree stump. If you always feel “stumpy” when wearing maxis, try one that has a slit at the leg, which often can feel less restricting and elongate the legs.

9. Stay away from tight maxis in ultra-thin, clingy material—they show everything. No matter how many squats you’re doing in the gym, those skirts are never flattering! As a rule of thumb, if you get a line from your underwear or from tucking in your shirt, put it back on the rack!

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