12 Reasons He Has Not Yet Proposed [2]

Every relationship that’s not clearly defined is an absolute waste of years and commitment. So many adults claim to be “in a relationship” without a logical purpose. It’s always a disheartening experience, if after so many years of making a relationship work, you then discover that the relationship has a future but without you in the picture. Being in a supposed serious relationship with your partner must involve visible signs of commitment and long-living. At that point, you can’t afford to be disappointed; you should know what you represent in the relationship. If you find yourself thinking that a proposal will show that he really loves you or you’re just worried why he hasn’t proposed or you’ve been together for years and it seems there’s no plan of having you-two, living together-forever, here are specific signs to observe and critically consider.


4. He’s changed his mind.

This is one of the most heartbreaking reasons of all. He might have changed his mind about plans to get married to you, but he does not know how to tell you. And so he goes on in the relationship while avoiding talks which suggest marriage.

I’ve felt pity for the ladies in movies who are on the receiving end of this type of news.

5. When you mistake being classy as being expensive.

No man will desire a woman that pays maximum attention to what she wears even when he wants her to look good. Getting the latest of this and that doesn’t mean you’ve got money or you’re so comfortable, it only means nothing else receives your attention other than how expensive you look. Such won’t make a good wife with a man with prospects. He just won’t propose.

6. He’s unsure as to how to go about it.

This can be a complicated situation for some men.

Women may not see the bid deal, but men almost always do a lot of rehearsals before popping the big question.

And many just give up at some point for lack of ‘know-how’ lol.

They wanted to, but didn’t want to come across as a dork when they finally came around to asking.

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