Congo Witchcraft: children victims

Congo Witchcraft: children victims

Kinshasa- Nadège, a little girl of six, who lives in the street, was raped by four men, including three policemen. This happened in “cité verte”, a district of Kinshasa on Monday. The tragedy occurred the night after her relatives accused her of witchcraft following her mother’s death the previous week.

She has been kicked out of the house as she is said to be the caused of the death of her mother.rape-survivors-in-congo-20120227

It is later that night the policemen and a 16 year old was caught in the middle of the act.

As they fled the scene, they abandoned her on the floor.

She has been taken to the hospital where she is recovering

The issue of children being accused of witchcraft is very common in the Country of Kabila, it is mostly promoted by churches and other groups who have a vested interested in the distraction of the family.

How can you tell when someone is a witch?

Maybe our readers will be able to help us in that regard

The impact of this phenomenon is visible in Congo as this country has one of the highest numbers of street children in the world. The violence in Kinshasa is on the increase and the violent reaction of the police isn’t helping the situation.



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