English football, most foreign players’ days are numbered

London: the FA is putting measures in place to limit the number of foreign players in the English premiership

Gred Dyke has warned against having a premiership which has nothing English, this is because of the increasing number of foreign players in the premiership.

This will apply only to players who are not from EU countries.

Dyke also compared the number of English players in other competitions and said that it was pathetic that English players not represented in major competitions.

Therefore the FA is on the attack. There will be an increase in the number of clubs in the premiership and the number of English players will move from 8 to 12 in a team of 25, from 2016

Of course if the EPL is one the most loved and watched leagues in the world, it is because it is amongst the best if not the best. But why has it performed so poorly on the international scene.

They say that the world is becoming one community and as much as the world because a village, the more we are divided. Does the global village only works when it suits the interests of others and not the rest of the world?  On the other hand shouldn’t the EPL be purely British because they toil to make a successful brand?



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