Germany: cougar locks and rapes a young African man for 7 days, non-stop!

German daily Bild reported an unusual story that took place in Munich (Germany). A woman of 47 years has forced a man to make love with her for 36 hours non stop …

it is at a bus stop in Munich that a woman proposed to a young African man of 31 years to “have fun ” and the young accepted the offer. Once i nthe home of the 40 something woman, the man soon became her sex slave.

He had to satisfy the huge sexual appetite of “serial nymphomaniac” and it was only after 36 hours of non-stop sex that he managed to escape.

A few hours later, after filing a complaint on behalf of the abused man, police went to the apartment to arrest the sexual predator, that’s when she also offered them a “party”.

She has since been taken to mental hospital, she should stand trial for “sexual assault” and “sequestration”.

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