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Help, My past abortions have caught up with me….

Dear editor

Please help me out, you are my last hope, this is the most difficult time in my life. I have no where to hide and if you can advise me that would be very great.

I dated a man for 10 years, from the time I left high school, so I was 19 years old and in those years I had 6 abortions for him. He took my virginity and everything from me.

My last abortion was horrible, I lost one of my tubes , and this spiraled our relationship so fast that he broke up with me.

Not long after our break up, I found out that he was married. And he has 2 kids.

I cried for a long time after our break and his marriage made it worst. But thank God I met a very sweet guy.

We are now married but I haven’t told him my past, we are unable to have kids

When I paid a visit to the Doctors to see what was wrong, she told me that part of my womb has been destroyed due my abortions, only a miracle can help.

And now my husband is already expecting that we will have child.

The anger that fills me is immense and when I wrote an email to my exes family they didn’t answer me.

How can I forgive this man and myself? There’s nothing I want more than to be a mum.

Your Advice please


I need it

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