More Habits of Highly Fashionable Women [2]

Really chic and stylish women aren’t superhuman. They’re just well prepared. If you don’t see them running around losing it with or hobbling in painful heels, like some others probably do it’s not because those things just don’t happen to them. It’s because they know how to deal. As a matter of fact, they know how to deal with a whole lot.


It’s not really based on wearing the most fashionable or most expensive clothes. Being a stylish woman is way beyond that. It has to do with a lot of your persona and behavior. If you want to be known as a sexy, trendy and fashionable person, then try out the habits of highly fashionable people.

The following are some more habits and behaviors which highly stylish women have. They would be very helpful to you.

D. Build a wardrobe that is full of basic “core” pieces.

Fashionable people have those “core” items they always keep in their closet and then build around it. You should keep the core items for your wardrobe in your closet too. It can be a blazer that you mix and match, your favorite pair of jeans, or other clothing pieces that you use to layer on your style.

E. Mix high and low fashion. You don’t need to wear head-to-toe designer to put together a good look. Know when to mix and match both high and low fashion. Invest in a few classic pieces and find your trendier pieces at a lower price point.

F. Know how to walk in heels.

Heels have and add a wonderful effect to dressing. They make your legs look longer and help you walk in a more feminine way, accentuating your curves as well. Any stylish woman knows how to pull off a killer pair of heels. If you do not know how to stand or walk efficiently in heels, go and learn how to.

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