How to hit on an African Woman?

African woman are attracted to warriors, this is because of the genes found in Africans. An African woman of the past centuries who married a warrior was considered to be very successful and lucky.  So take out your spear and return to your origins.

black girl

It is important to know that if you are found to be misbehaving she will give you the look. The look is something that all African male should understand; it is the same look African mothers give their sons. It says a lot and it says it all.

If she is wearing a wig, before commenting on the wig, do find out the difference between Kabelo and synthetic wigs, don’t mix them up because you might just embarrass her.

Don’t look broke, yeah that’s right! African girls don’t like broke, jobless man, unless of course that woman is desperate to be married.

Finally, the best way to get an African girl is to tell her that you are looking for a wife. The truth is they are all looking for a husband.

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