Illuminati conspiracies

The sun does not exist; it is all an illuminati conspiracy. Look up at the sky, what you see is not the sun, it is actually your imagination playing tricks on you.  Seriously, the illuminati in the quest to control the world have devised a plan, which includes creating the illusion that we see the sun.


Here below are new theories being worked on by one of the biggest universities in the world:

There is no such thing as sunburns, white people make it up. If it did burn, why are we unable to see the flames?

  1. We are told that the universe has no end; it is an ever expanding space, oh really? The question arises, what does it expand into? But he opposite would also bring up many other questions such as if it has an end, what is beyond that end?
  2. The moon doesn’t exist, it is a big satellite sent up there by the illuminati to watch over us.
  3. The earth doesn’t orbit around the sun; if I jumped without moving an inch I should be able to reach my destination without moving an inch.
  4. Fishes can fly and birds can swim. Evidently if you believe, you can do anything so it is just a matter of believing.

I bet many of you have not heard of this term, Solipsism. It says simply that nothing can be verified except the existence of one’s own mind.  It seems senseless, but truth is that it is impossible to verify the existence of anything except your own consciousness.


So in conclusion, the illuminati are so powerful that they have created a world for us where they have made us their slave. Wake up,  you are actually in the matrix.


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