How To Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

Making your spouse feel loved and a priority among your many relationships is an important and intentional choice that takes work. Yet, this is a most important work that will serve to keep your romantic relationship, or family healthy and stable.

Thers is an inexhaustible list of suggestions and things to do to keep the fire burning in your romantic relationships. However, we will deal with three major ways in which you can make him or her feel loved.


1. Action

Actions they say speaks louder than words. While words of affirmation are widely recognized as important, what would make them have more effect is if they are backed up by actions. There are many ways by which you can show your partner love through actions.

You can start off small. You could probably suggest an after-dinner work, go to games, shows or the gym together, talk about ideas for a romantic vacation, read to your spouse in bed, and so on. And then you can progressively get bigger: give your spouse gifts, write and record him or her a love song, create a story book fictionalizing the beginning of your relationship, and so on.These may be a bit more expensive but they will be worth it when your spouse screams with excitement or wriggles with joy. Show love also through thoughtful actions. When you know that your spouse wants or needs something and it is something you can do or afford, do it for them. Have in mind that numerous small gesture create a deeper feeling than one grand one. Do not neglect your spouse. Spend time being there for your partner. Once in a while, turn of the radio, Tv, Computer and cell phones, and just sit together, allowing yourselves to experience each other. Show genuine interest in them and their past. Ask them ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’, or ‘what’ questions, instead of the ones that require a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

2. Words

Clear communication will let your partner know how much you love them. Get used to talking about your feelings for them. Do not shy away from talking about emotions you are going through. Share even inconsequential things that happened during your day, as it will make your partner feel more involved in your life. Also, praise your partner’s talents and accomplishments. Spend time enforcing their unique traits.

Speak the truth. Telling your partner the truth is a loving thing to do because it shows trust and respect. The truth does not have to be positive to be meaningful. It just needs to be the truth. Telling the truth is essential especially because if they find out from another means that they were lied to, it would spark the feeling of betrayal and make them feel worthless to you. Hence in everything, tell your partner the truth. Show your spouse unconditional love but not unconditional acceptance. Always be willing to accept correction from your spouse too. This helps both of you grow as better people and strengthen your relationship and not build your relationship on fantasy or falsehoods. Use gracious words to point out your spouse’s weaknesses and offer constructive suggestions on how to improve.

Find out your partner’s love language. Every one has a preferred way by which love is communicated to them. Finding out your partner’s love language makes it easier getting results when you really mean to show them that you care and they matter to you.

3. Trust

Let your partner know through your actions and thoughtfulness, that your motives in the relationship are good and in their best interest. Make conscious efforts to fulfill promises and to avoid excuses. Do not bring past mistakes into your relationship. Admit when you make a mistake and try to make it better next time.  Trust that your partner acknowledges your efforts. This is important to remember especially when one partner is more capable financially or physically. Love is not a competition. It is not about being ‘even’ with your spouse. Trust that your partner realizes how lucky he or she is to have you. Do not always ask for validation. Validation is important but do not be desperate about it.

Trust your partner to be himself and herself. Trust your partner to make responsible, loving decisions for your good even in your absence. The will be likely to honor your trust if you extend it.

Remember what love is. It is an act of the will, not merely a warm feeling or a clever expression of experience. Although love is different for every person and every person shows it differently, love often requires you to deny yourself and seek to meet your beloved’s needs. Go the extra mile for them. The modern world gets busier by the day. We constantly complain of lack of time to do the things we want to do. Make conscious efforts to go out of your way to please your spouse and make them feel they are the luckiest in the world to have you.

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