Robin Thicke Reintroduces Himself With New Album!

Unleashing his eighth studio album, his first in nearly seven years today, Lucky Music/EMPIRE’s Robin Thicke is back, reintroducing himself with On Earth, and in Heaven. The 11-track collection is entirely co-written by Thicke alongside collaborators like Pharrell Williams, Nasri, James Gass, and more, built on his foundational, signature sound and inspired by a life-altering, transitional chapter. 

“(With) this album, my intentions are pure again. I want to make great music that spreads love, that feels like a warm blanket, that brings people closer together, that helps heal wounds and bring bonds back, and that’s what I needed,” Thicke shared in conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe earlier this week. “And that’s what this music has done for me and that’s what I wanted to do for others.” 

Later, he continued sharing about the inspiration behind the project, citing the passing of mentor Andre Harrell as the shift that brought the music back. “I just looked in the mirror and I woke up and I said, ‘I’m not going to be insecure like that anymore. I’m not going to let these days go by…I am going to do what I always wanted to do and be the person I wanted to be.’ And then the music came quickly. But it started with that big turn.”
On Earth, and in Heaven Track List:

1. “Lucky Star” (Robin Thicke, Nasri, James Gass)*

2. “Hola” (Robin Thicke, Jairus Mozee, James Gass, Kenny Wright, Lawrence “LB” Breux)*

3. “Lola Mia” (Robin Thicke, Chris Payton, William “Matty” Taylor, Larry Cox II, Lawrence “LB” Breux)*

4. “Gorgeous” (Robin Thicke) ~

5. “The Things You Do To Me” (Robin Thicke, James Gass, Aaron Camper, Larry Cox II)*

6. “Out Of My Mind” (Robin Thicke, James Gass, Bobby Keyes, Rich Skillz)*

7. “Beautiful” (Robin Thicke, James Gass, Larry Cox II, Gianni Credle-Harrell)*

8. “Look Easy” (Nasri, Robin Thicke, Ben Spivak, Chaz Jackson, Dre Pinckney)^

9. “Take Me Higher” (Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, Chris Payton) •

10. “Forever Mine” (Robin Thicke, Bobby Keyes, James Gass, Larry Devont Dorn)*

11. “That’s What Love Can Do” (Robin Thicke, Robert Daniels, James Gass, Larry Cox II)*

~ Produced by Robin Thicke
* Produced by Robin Thicke and James Gass
^ Produced by Robin Thicke, James Gass, and Chaz Jackson
• Produced by Pharrell WilliamsBuzz around the album’s latest single “Look Easy” is humming as the #2 most-added single at R&B/Urban AC Radio this week. The music video for the on-the-rise new track that Thicke dedicates “to all the frontline workers, mothers, daughters and grandmothers of the world” debuted on Friday, 12 February exclusively as a BET Soul and BET Her premiere, airing in NYC’s Times Square at 1pm and 6pm ET. 

Directed by Nick Leopold for Skinny Empire and shot in Los Angeles, CA, the clip marries both the album and the single’s themes, smash cutting in with Thicke falling from heaven into the ocean, washing up ashore. Following a beautiful onlooker through a haze of obstacles, Thicke eventually emerges from the chase, journeying back to the beach just as the sun begins to set into the earth. 

Five-time GRAMMY® Award nominee, diamond-selling performer, actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Robin Thicke continually elevates the genre of R&B. After kicking off his career behind-the-scenes as a songwriter for the likes of Christina Aguilera and P!nk, he skyrocketed into the stratosphere with a string of successful solo albums, logging four consecutive Top 10 debuts on the Billboard 200, picking up platinum plaques, and selling out shows around the globe. Thicke then made history with 2013’s Blurred Lines, which bowed at #1 on the 200 and delivered the RIAA-diamond-certified title single “Blurred Lines” (feat. T.I. & Pharrell). The smash hit spent 12 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Thicke the first artist since 2012 to simultaneously occupy #1 on that chart and on the Billboard 200. As a sought-after collaborator, he’s also teamed up with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Joe Perry, Pitbull, and more. Expanding his presence, Thicke joined the panel of the FOX hit show The Masked Singer, which is heading into a fifth season for 2021. Presenting the same bold, bright, and boisterous R&B that turned him into a household name, he now ascends to new heights with his eighth full-length album and debut for Lucky Music and EMPIRE, On Earth, and in Heaven.
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