10 Tips to Make More Sales In Business

In the new world of competition which we live in, making of sales is tougher than ever. Customers are less accessible, more skeptical and take longer to make a decision to buy. Before they sign the order, they not only want the salesperson to dance and do everything possible, but they want to make sure the price is right.


All this adds up to added frustration, slimmer margins, longer hours and even lower commissions. This is why everyone in sales needs an extra edge, even a slight advantage over the competition.

To make it easier, here are 10 effective tips to give yourself a selling advantage.

1. Take an objective look at your existing sales strategy. Do you have the right approach? If not, adopt a more customer-focused sales strategy and re-evaluate its success in six months. Look at which sales techniques have worked and what hasn’t. Learn from your mistakes.

2. Make excellent customer service a priority. Put simple steps in place, such as offering after-sales support and providing training for all customer-facing staff. As well as encouraging repeat business, keeping customers happy means that often they’ll do your selling for you by recommending you to others.

3. Concentrate on increasing business from existing customers. The cliché about 20% of customers providing 80% of revenue is often true. Existing punters are already convinced about your product or service – the hard part is done. Think about ways to generate more sales from existing customers. Maybe they’re unaware of the full extent of products or services you offer, and how these can benefit them.

4. Improve your sales cycle management. Improved productivity is the key to increasing your sales. This requires careful and continuous follow-up with an increasing number of prospects and customers. There’s only one way to do it and that’s with a computer-based sales tracking-management system.

5. Be far more accessible. Maximum accessibility is the new realityand it counts for more and more in business. It’s not when you want to contact the customer that counts, it’s when the customer wants to contact you that’s critical. Along with your primary telephone and fax numbers, make sure your customers have your home, beeper and mobile telephone numbers, too. Emphasize that you are always available and that you welcome calls. This increases customer confidence.

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