12 immigrants thrown into the sea because they are christians 

This seems to be from some horror movie, but this happened in the Mediterranean sea on wensdsday,  15 muslim passengers through 12 christian passengers over board just because they were not members of their faith. on arrival in Sicile the 15 muslim men were arrested

According italian media reports, quoted by RFI, there were about 105 people on board, the majority being muslims from senegal and ivory coast, they all boarded the boat in Libya.

The italian police was quoted saying that the Nigerians and the Ghaneans who were in the minorty were threatened.  the reasons for the actions is said to be the faith of the victims.  The 9 christians who survived, fought very hard by creating a strong human chain.

amongst the 15 accused killers, is a minor of 17 years, they will be charged with homicide.


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