Growing calls for boycott of South African products   

South African businesses have invested in africa. there are companies such as Vodacom, MTN, Shoprite and the rest, but there is a growing call for South African products to be boycotted because of the seemingly inability of the South African government to protect foreign nationals.

These are quotes from Africans on social media :

“Dear TUT Congolese Students, due to the recent xenophobic incidents, please don’t buy from South African shops in your areas”

“Africa should boycotte all the south african products. We can not continue to consume products from a person who enjoys killing african brothers. DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria, let us be against xenophobia”xeno

“I’m broken!
A crime, a sacrilege that could break our roots takes place right now in South Africa. The brothers and sisters of this African country kill their brothers and sisters like under the false belief that they are “foreigners” and they come to take their wealth. But tell me, my South african brothers and sisters, so for all of you, the Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, English, Irish, Australian, occupying more of your  country, are south africans?
Do you know the “real” role of the South African army and your mining companies in Africa?”




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