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Ariana Miyamoto, first mixed race Miss japan, victim of racism

Ariana Miyamoto, first mixed race Miss japan, victim of racism

Ariana Miyamoto was crowned Miss japan 2015, being the first non-Japanese person to have worn the crown. This has created debate within social media, where she is mostly accused of being an African American.


She was born and brought up in Japan, apart for a number of years in the United

Stated, she spent the majority of her life in Japan, where she is called a “Hafu”, which means half, because her mother is Japanese and her father is an African American.

For most of the people across the world this shouldn’t surprise, but within the Japanese society this is considered by many as unacceptable even creating conspiracy theories.

Being a homogeneous society, the “hafu” are generally victims of racism and much other discrimination.

Some people have said that “she has too much black blood” to be Japanese.

This has brought up many other questions, many African countries are also homogenous in one way or the other, but it is possible to find people of different racial groups being members of African society.

Let us start a campaign of mixing the Japanese male and females with Africans.


# getmejapanesedude




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