Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to quit for a new found football career

President Paul Biya will be quitting politics to devote all his energy to his football career.

President Paul Biya

He was quoted as saying: “I have reached the point in my long life where after long introspection; I had to find, what I would be remembered for. I decided to resuscitate my football career. The lions, our national team need a new captain and leader to lead them. When I take over, the team will definitely win the world cup.”

When asked about his age, the president and future football star answer with a lot of diplomacy.

“ what do you mean my age will be a problem? How sure are you Eto’o is 30 something? The Nigerian footballer in bar, I think his name is Joseph Minala claims to be 17 years old. I have the strength of 18 years old.”

The president’s plans include, trying to get a European club to sign him. He also still intends keeping his presidential privileges.

Despite widespread fear for his health, Biya West has been hailed as an inspiration to old footballers wanting to play at international level.

A government spokesman said: “A lot of young people will be surprise to see our leader score so much goal, Paul Biya the president of the youth”

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