How To Get Respected At Work


In truth there are multiple factors that impact on a contented working life, but gaining respect from our colleagues is arguably the single most important.


This forms the foundation for daily working relationships and long-term progression within a particular industry. Here are some quick steps towards achieving this:

1. Respect others.

Show your coworkers that they matter. Respect the authority of your bosses and treat underlings well.

2. Do your job and do it well.

Don’t make anyone carry your workload, be on time and offer to help coworkers when possible. If you do not understand something or cannot handle a task do not be afraid to seek help or partner up with a coworker.

3. Have dignity.

It’s great to help out others but don’t let yourself be the office pushover either. Don’t do everyone’s work for them. Tell the boss, “I can take one for the team this time” which lets her know that you are willing to pitch in but you are nobody’s fool.

4. Be discreet.

Nobody respects a gossip. And nobody wants to have to watch what they say around you because you’ll go blabbering all over the office. Respect people’s confidence in you.

5. Look good.

Wear freshly laundered clothing, get them pressed if necessary. Ladies should wear a reasonable amount of makeup-nothing heavy or better suited for a night at a club(unless you work at a club). Keep jewelry tasteful and appropriate for your occupation. Hair should be neat, clean and should not get in the way of doing your job.

6. Demonstrate your worth and value as an employee.

The process of gaining respect from both colleagues and superiors begins from the moment you first enter the workplace, and you must immediately demonstrate an understanding of your worth and unique value as an employee. This must not only be reflected in the salary that you demand from your managers, but also in the way that you undertake your role and add value to the business through the completion of individual tasks that fall within your job description.

To be continued.

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