How To Manage Love and Studies [2]

If you are a student and you are in love or in a romantic relationship, as if you are in cloud nine and nothing matters except that special someone of yours. Your education is the one that gets mostly affected or it’s the other way around, your love one is taken for granted because you’re too focused on your studies and you don’t give time for love.

love n studies

Thinking wisely with a heart is the best solution so that neither love nor your education will suffer. If you are starting your college life, it would be good to do some planning. Yes, planning! In life, if you plan ahead of time you get better results. It’s about keeping all in balance. You don’t need to choose between love and study because you can balance them. Love should not be an obstacle to your studies and your studies should not be an obstacle to your love life. How? Well, here are some simple tips that you can do to make things in its proper places:

5. Time management:

This is one important thing you must learn while practising how to manage relationship and studies. Set time for work and time for dating. Stick to your schedule. Bring your partner into the arrangement as well.

6. Create a study zone
If possible, it helps to have an area that is dedicated to studying, whether that means converting a spare room into a temporary study or tucking a desk into the corner of the living room. If you prefer to leave the house then you could try a quiet local cafe or your public library. Wherever it may be, creating this distinction between study time and the rest of your day will help to engage your brain and get you in the mood for learning

7. Exam time:

Exam time can be particularly nasty while balancing relationships and school. Both of you need to make extra sacrifices during this time and look forward to the end of exams when you can celebrate.

8. Create a study plan that suits you:
We all have a time of the day when we feel more alert and able to process information. There’s no point trying to force your brain to work in the evening if that’s when you traditionally feel sluggish and tired. Similarly, night owls will find it hard to focus if study is planned for earlier in the day. The only right time of day to study is the time that’s right for you.

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