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10 reasons why South African woman are attracted to foreign man

This was prepared after a discussion with a number of girls who are dating foreign men.


This was prompted by the events which saw foreigners being threatened and hurt within South Africa. Let us be honest, South Africa does have fine women of all races. One couldn’t say the same of the men, it is only logical for fine women to be attracted to fine man, isn’t it?


Below are 10 reasons.

  1. Most South African man are dancers, they love dancing, driving around in their cars to chase other women.
  2. South African man don’t comb their hair, it is phenomenon which has many girls wondering why.
  3. Dating a south African man is like dating another girl, they just don’t take charge
  4. South African men are not aware of a woman’s needs.
  5. Foreign men are better lovers
  6. Most South Africans don’t know how to romance a woman.
  7. South African man expect women to cook and clean and provide sex on demand
  8. Foreign man are generous
  9. Foreign man make you feel like a woman, south African man make you feel like man.
  10. Foreign accents just roles well.



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