How To Deal With A Manipulative Boss [4]

It’s easier if you can just avoid dealing with manipulative people, but when the person in question is your boss, that’s not really possible. If you don’t recognize his pathology and learn to appropriately assert your own boundaries, you’ll lose yourself while attempting to please him.
There are quite a number of reasons why a boss could be manipulative. Sometimes, in order to cope with the rejection of a parent or significant adult in childhood, manipulators construct an environment centered solely upon themselves to meet their personal need for meaning and fulfillment. Nothing else matters!


As an employee that sees them and works with them every weekday, and maybe weekends, you are at the receiving end of all the attitude. Here are a few tips on how to cope with, and handle such manipulative boss.

10. Do Not Blame Yourself.

Never blame yourself for other people’s actions. Manipulative people often make us feel bad about ourselves; it is how they get us to do want they want. Remember, the problem is not about you.

11. Encourage your boss.

Anyone can change. To me that is the essence of influence. It takes the right time, people, circumstances and the willingness to engage. As a Christian, I have that responsibility. All people need to know they are valued and appreciated for who they are. Nothing more, nothing less. That is especially important for a manipulative boss to hear. When they do something right, let them know. If they’re down, ask them how they are doing. View them as a person; not your boss. Again, you may not get any positive results, however, your responsibility is only to try.

12. Stay positive.

It always helps to have a good attitude no matter what. Have a good outlook to things no matter how gloomy they seem. With time, your attitude would affect your day positively.

With time, your boss would change when he or she realizes your unperturbed reactions to his or her bullying.

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