Effective Strategies to Becoming A Good Student [2]

Becoming an outstanding student does not happen overnight. It is also not the sole responsibility of the teacher. The teacher is only the facilitator of knowledge. The student must come prepared to take in that knowledge, make connections, and be able to apply it to real life situations. This is more natural for some students than it is for others, but everyone can improve and become a better student if they desire to do so.

Recognizing the need to improve your standing as a student is the first step in actually earning better grades and absorbing more of the information taught in your courses. With small lifestyle changes, organization and dedication, you can become the student that you want to be.

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Here are some effective strategies that will help you become an outstanding student:

4. Ask Questions

This could not get any simpler. If you do not understand something, ask the teacher for additional help. Teachers are there to help. You should never be afraid of asking a question. It is not embarrassing. It is how we learn. The chances are that there are several other students who have the same question you have.

5. Study definitions and complete some exercises.

If you have a big test or essay coming up, don’t spend your time on watching television. Tests are a huge part of your final grade. Spend every free moment looking at the textbook, studying. When you have more free time, do some extra exercises. Make flashcards of words and remember to feel completely prepared when you come into class each day. A good sign is if you know all the questions, you’re prepared.

6. Set Goals

Set goals and write them down so you see them everyday. Choose concrete goals that you can track. Avoid general goals, such as, “I will do better in class.” Give yourself specific ways to reach your goals, such as studying calculus at least three hours per week, attending all classes, finishing all assignments and meeting with the professor when you have difficulty with the material.

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