Signs That It is Time To Quit Your Job [4]

We’ve all struggled with our motivation on our jobs from time to time.

But sometimes, you’re beyond irritation and beyond a burnout. Sometimes, you’ve reached the point of no return, and it would be best to leave your job and find something new.

Many think a job that makes us feel awful would be easy to leave, but for many of us it’s not the case. Either we feel it’s impossible to find something better, or we worry that if we leave, we’ll end up in a worse position than we’re in now. It’s time to start doing what it takes to get a grip on your well-being.

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Here are some signs you should leave your job:

10. You don’t fit in.

Sometimes what your company values and what you value aren’t the same. It just doesn’t feel right. You value learning new things, and they value doing the same things that they’ve always done. If there’s no sign that this will be changing soon and that your values will eventually match up, chances are you’re going to continue being miserable and not agreeing with any initiatives the company takes. It’s ok to not have the same values, but it’s not ok to stay and be upset once you’ve realized the issue.

11. Your boss makes you panic.

If your boss leaves you in a permanent state of panic – so much so that you’re losing sleep and experiencing constant feelings of inadequacy – move! Especially if they’ve been approached about these issues before and are in complete denial.

12. Your company is sinking. 

There’s no need to go down with this ship. If you feel that the company you work for is sinking and there is no hope for the corporation, there is no need to remain there. It is time to look for other options and move.

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