Things To Consider Before Accepting A Job [2]

After sending out carefully-crafted cover letters and resumes and acing multiple rounds of job interviews, the payoff is here: a job offer. Time to celebrate? Not so fast.

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When considering a new job, it is important to make sure the grass will truly be greener on the other side. Two important phone calls will likely occur before the deal is sealed: The first, in which you’ll be offered the job, and the second, when you either accept or decline the offer.

There aren’t so many things one should consider before accepting a job offer, you might say, since nowadays it’s really hard to even get a job in the first place.

However, here are some really important things to seriously consider before accepting that job offer.

4. Environment

Meeting your fellow employees for the first time is always an uneasy, awkward experience. You may often feel like a spare part when you’re a newbie, and without the right people around you, you may end up feeling that way for the rest of your time in that position. Before you accept a job offer, ask to meet some of your new fellow employees. These are the people who you will be spending over forty hours a week with, so it’s absolutely essential that you’re amicable with them. Being in the wrong work environment is damaging for your career, your well-being, and even your mental health. Don’t take a leap of faith when you’re offered a new position – make a conscious effort to introduce yourself before you even accept the position.

5. Your work schedule

You should always ask yourself before accepting any position you might have been offered, if you are really okay with the work schedule.

Don’t rush!

First, you should try to think things through. Find out if you’ll have to work long hours or if you’ll have to come to work during your weekends or during your vacation days. Also, make sure you’ll get paid for all those extra hours.

Try to take all the precautions necessary, so you won’t regret your decision later.

6. The Job

Naturally, you will also want to evaluate the position itself and the work you will be doing for 8+ hours per day for the foreseeable future.

  • Do you get excited thinking about the work?
  • Does the position allow you to use the skills you most enjoy? How often?
  • What role will you play in the organization? How will you interact with coworkers?
  • Are there any quality of life considerations to consider? Think about commute time, expected overtime, flexibility options, and related factors.
  • Is it important for you to have visibility, leadership, an impressive title? And, to what extent does the position offer these things?
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