Apply For A Diploma in English for Business at Shaw Academy

Provider: Shaw Academy

Location(s): Online

Duration: 23 days

Required Experience: Diploma/OND/NCE

Start Date 19 September, 2016



Business English is becoming increasingly important in our globalised and multicultural world of business, finance and allied sectors. The aim of this course is to help you operate in a general business environment or in typical business contexts and to become aware of contemporary business and finance themes and trends. You will also gain exposure to business and finance terminology and grammar adapted to each topic will be incorporated. After all, every industry is a matter of business at its core.


1) An Introduction to English for Business
2) The Art of Negotiating, Buying and Selling
3) Hone your Communicative and Oral Skills
4) Master the Fundamentals of Formal Business Writing
5) Survive the Job Application, CV Creation and Interview Process
6) Management, Enterprise and Innovation
7) An Introduction to Business Ethics
8) Contemporary Business and Finance Issues



1) How do I participate in the live webinars and access the recordings?

Answer: You can participate using your own computer via the internet, both Windows and Mac devices will surfice.

You can access recordings via your student log in area found in menu tab.

Live lessons are not essential in order to pass diploma courses. You can view the recordings in your own time.

2) What is the duration of one webinar?

Answer:  It lasts approximately 1 hour, not including questions and answers at the end of the live sessions.

3) What if I miss the lecture? Will I be able to catch up?

Answer:  That’s no problem. We also record each lecture as we broadcast them. We make these videos available to you within 24 hours of each lecture concluding and you will have unlimited access to the videos for up to 12 days after the entire course has been completed.

4) Are there any assignments?

Answer:  We provide you with weekly quizzes in order to self-assess your progress. These are completely voluntary and a fantastic revision tool. Only live courses have weekly quizzes.

Click here to apply:  http://bit.ly/2c8F7Nl

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