How To Handle Office Romance [cont’d]

When in a workplace people grow bonds with their co-workers that go beyond just friendly ‘lunch’ meetings. They grow in-depth relationships that deepen into romance. A place where people share a common interest, and spend most of their time, provides the perfect opportunity for love. While love can make one do crazy things, it is important to keep a clear mind and realize the pros and cons to developing a relationship with a co-worker.

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An added complication is that one or both partners involved in an office romance may be married or in a relationship outside of the workplace. Co-workers aware of an adulterous workplace relationship may become uncomfortable, viewing themselves as party to the deceit.

Nevertheless, here are more tips of how to stay professional while handling office romance.

10.  Weigh the risks

Weigh the benefits against the career risks. Your current job may be less important to you than finding a life partner. Or it may be an important stepping stone in your career path that you aren’t willing to risk.

11. No PDA at work

Absolutely no public display of affection should be practiced at work, no matter how subtle. Save the romance for out of the office. Maintain proper distance.

Keep in mind that in today’s world of blogging, YouTube, and Google, and even instant messaging, the line between public and private is increasingly blurred. Becoming a target of office gossip in the blogosphere or elsewhere could damage your career advancement and job security.


12. Plan for the worst

Agree in the beginning of the relationship how you will handle a potential break-up. A messy break-up affects you, your partner, and perhaps the entire office. It could prompt the company to change its dating policy.

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