How To Get Respected At Work [2]

In truth there are multiple factors that impact on a contented working life, but gaining respect from our colleagues is arguably the single most important.


This forms the foundation for daily working relationships and long-term progression within a particular industry. Here are some quick steps towards achieving this:

7. Be confident.

Let your personality radiate with confidence and self assurance. Stand up straight, hold your chin up, make eye contact, use a firm handshake and SMILE!

8. Make others feel good about you.

Greeting each person by name shows that they matter to you. Everyone wants to feel important and be heard. Make a random honest compliment to someone you work with. Do this every day to a different person.

9. Interact with your colleagues and care about their lives.

Even with the best of intentions, our lives can sometimes take an unwanted or potentially disruptive turn. This can make it difficult to attend work with a smile and a proactive attitude, but this is crucial if you want to retain the respect of those around you. By continuing to interact with your colleagues and taking a genuine interest in their lives–even during times of hardship–you are displaying an eminently human quality that commands the good will of others.

10. Speak calmly and listen to others.

Respect must always be a mutual concept, as you cannot hope to gain it without offering it in the first instance. It is therefore crucial that you remain a good listener at all times, and take the opinions of others on board before taking a direct action or decision. On a similar note, you must always speak calmly when interacting with both colleagues and superiors, as otherwise you run the risk of alienating them and developing a reputation as someone who is difficult to work with.

11. Be a person of your word.

Keeping your word is one of the biggest things you can do to gain respect. And in doing so you make a good reputation.

12. Keep your cool.

Be unflappable. Do not let jerk bosses or rude coworkers cause you to be overly emotional or verbal. Nearly every job has one so bite your tongue, don’t get involved with office drama or infighting and always take the high road. When all of the silliness has died down you will be remembered as the one with class.


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